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    Rhodes School for the Performing Arts is a fine arts magnet school of distinction. We expand the educational choice of families with children Pre-K through 8th grade while providing increased opportunities for students. Founded on the principles of Scholarship, Leadership, and Citizenship, we now celebrate our eleventh year in education.

    Employing qualified teachers and fine art professionals, our instruction team challenges students to think critically, problem solve, collaborate, and to be active participants in the learning process. Our goal is accomplished through incorporating fine arts into our rigorous core academic curriculum.

    Our Mission

    To develop critical thinkers who have the character to lead.

    Our Vision
    Rhodes School for the Performing Arts will be a model of educational excellence that develops students into people of integrity, who contribute to the good of society, and who are equipped to successfully compete in a global marketplace.

    The vision is accomplished through the imparting of knowledge, the development of understanding, and the exercise of wisdom that leads to scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character in our students.

    Our Philosophy
    We are Crew…Not Passengers! At RSPA, parents, students, teachers, and administrators are active participants in the learning process. We work together as a team to accomplish the goal of producing outstanding student achievement. No one gets to just go along for the ride! We are Crew!

    Overall Grades offered NOW *PreK3-8th

    • PreK3 and PreK4 must meet eligibility requirements
    • Northshore: PreK3-7th
    • Channelview: PreK3-5th
    • Northwest: K-5
    • Humble: PreK3-8th

    Founder & Superintendent

    Michelle L. Bonton is a veteran educator and visionary leader with a passion for children and a commitment to impact the world through a transformational school design model that brings all stakeholders to the table. She challenges stakeholders to do their part in creating community and student success through the concept of CREW.

    The concept of CREW is one of accountability and ownership. Over the last 20 years, as a teacher, counselor, and school leader, Michelle has had the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of children and their families using the CREW principle.  By providing a model, experiences and proper tools, staff, community members, and students are empowered to be active participants in their lives. This sense of ownership prompts integrity, fairness, and responsible, autonomous action.


    Through servant leadership embodied in the principles of CREW, Michelle has led RSPA to tremendous growth from just 97 students and one campus in year one to more than 1,000 students across several campuses today, all of which consistently meet or exceed state and national standards for student performance.

    Michelle’s professional preparation includes school leadership training and mid-management certification from Stephen F. Austin University, a Master’s degree in counseling from Prairie View A&M University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing from the University of Houston Downtown.  She is a prolific speaker, former radio talk show host, grant writer, and community advocate.  She also serves as an education policy specialist for state representatives.

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