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  • Arts

    Rhodes School for the Performing Arts is the only charter school to be designated as a Fine Arts Magnet School by the U.S Department of Education. RSPA provides an academically sound arts-rig curriculum that allows students to develop appreciation and skill in the fine arts.


    Students establish a firm foundation in dance through training in multiple styles including Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, and Jazz.


    RSPA theatre, includes standard performances and musical theatre. Our program develops thespians who seek to master the combination of real or imagined events in front of an audience.

    Visual Art

    Art expresses itself through acrylic, paint, clay, pencils, and brushes. RSPA students develop as artists while taking their masterpieces from the classroom to gallery.


    An extremely popular instrument in Western classical music since the late 18th century, the piano when combined with the proper student creates some of the most beautiful piece in the world. RSPA pianists begin with one note with the intention to grow and join our District Champion team.


    Life is filled with rhythms. Beats providing a cadence and undertone that mimics the highs and lows. Our percussion classes offer students in depth study into the various instruments that make up the percussion family. RSPA percussion students can also audition to join our drum line which routinely travels as invited performance guests.


    From Do, Re, Mi to Vibrato, and all the notes in between. Vocalist develop as individual singers and mass choir members. Lessons include vocal blending, music reading, and performance.


    Student violinist learn to draw their bow or pluck the strings of elegant violins tuned in perfect fifths.

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