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    Back To School Tips for Elementary Students

    Back to school is a popular term, and it is popular for a reason. This is a time filled with excitement for students who are eager to meet up with their friends and classmates after the holidays. There are so many stories to share and so much to look forward to with new classes, new teachers, and new subjects. It is important to be adequately prepared to start the school year on the right foot. In order to do this, parents and children must work together to achieve the best results. For those of you who sometimes struggle at this time of year or who have no experience starting the new year, this article will guide you on different ways to prepare your child to go back to school.

    Here are 9 excellent back to school tips for elementary students:

    1. Stock the house with food

    It is important that kids have a healthy breakfast and lunch. So, to prepare for the new school year, you might want to stock the house with all the food they like to eat, like cereals, milk, and other groceries. Make sure they do not skip breakfast, as it is vital to help them get the required energy to start the day. Also, try to pack their lunches the night before if possible. Make it a healthy one and be sure to include healthy mid-day snacks for that extra boost when needed.

    2. Prepare for the next day the night before

    Make sure your child is going to bed 30 minutes earlier than they did before their first day back to school, so their bodies can readjust to their new schedule. Make sure they are adequately prepared for the school day the night before. Have their outfits picked out for them, washed and ironed, all school supplies packed in their backpacks, and all forms necessary for registration filed and ready to go. This will ensure there is nothing left behind when they are rushing to leave the house.

    3. Create a calendar

    Have all events, play dates, homework, assignments, projects, and extra-curricular activities highlighted in a calendar and place it somewhere everybody has access to it, so they can see for themselves what is planned for the days and weeks to come. This is an interactive way for the whole family to participate in each other’s lives and track progress.

    4. Restructure their home schedules

    As the new school year kicks off, they will have become accustomed to the holiday schedule, and it might take some time for them to readjust to the school schedule. Help them restructure their schedule and find ways to focus on what is important, which is to do well in school. Help them understand there is a time for everything, and it is crucial they focus on their education now, as there is plenty of time for fun and relaxation.

    5. Designate a study area

    You should also designate an area at home where they can study and get their homework done. This area must be free of any and all things that can distract them, such as televisions, smartphones, and video games. Even other family members must steer clear of this area. When they have school work to do, they should be able to go somewhere in the house and concentrate.

    6. Accompany them to school

    For those that are starting school for the first time, it is important that you walk with them to school on their first day. Wait for their bus to arrive for pick up and drop off. Ensure you are always there to meet them and encourage them and ask them about their day. This support is fundamental to the way they feel about leaving home and going to school every day.

    7. Communicate with their teachers

    It is important that you have a good line of communication with their teachers, so you can get updates on how well your kids are integrating into their class and help them when they are having a hard time. You can also ask the teacher to keep an eye on them and step in when they seem to need help or guidance. This will help them get comfortable as quickly as possible, especially if this is their first time in school or if they are in a new school. You can even ask their teacher to assign them class buddies that will assist them in getting used to the day to day routines.

    8. Dress accordingly

    Make sure your kids are dressed accordingly to match the school uniforms and policy. Also, take into account the weather and provide whatever form of protection they need against the forces of nature that might be prevalent at the time. So, be it a sweater or a raincoat or jacket, make sure they are equipped with all they need to enjoy the weather.

    9. Be involved

    The most important tip out of all of the back to school tips for elementary students is to get involved. Try to be involved in their academic lives as much as possible. One of the best ways to engage actively in their academics and welfare is to join the PTA. This is an excellent forum to get feedback from teachers and to offer suggestions on ways you think the school experience can best be optimized for your child. Get to know their teachers, get to know their administrators, and get to know other parents.

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    These back to school tips for elementary students are by no means the end all be all, but they are some of the most important ones to note, and it is crucial that you have a proper plan going into the new school year. At Rhodes School for Performing Arts, we strive to put in place all the necessary infrastructure, human resources, and support systems to help students love their time at school and get an overall positive experience from their time with us.