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    Benefits of Teaching at a Charter School

    Charter schools are fast becoming popular among parents, students, and even educators. This is due to their flexible school curriculum, warm teaching environment, and smaller class sizes. It is not difficult to see why so many parents are choosing charter schools over other educational choices. Teaching at charter schools can be rewarding for teachers looking to leave a mark and connect with students on a more personal level.  For new and experienced educators, charter schools can offer numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:

    Charter School Class Sizes

    One benefit of teaching at a charter school is the smaller class sizes. Teachers looking to create more personal bonds and have autonomy over their classes will enjoy teaching at a charter school. The variation allows for educators who don’t mind changing sceneries to provide prime educational content for their students. The close relationships that can be developed with students allow educators to be involved in their students’ lives in real-time.  This means the educator is visually keeping track of the students’ development process, as well as providing feedback when necessary.

    Additionally, as smaller classrooms translate to fewer students, teachers are able to manage the class properly. This provides increased flexibility with teaching and a means to know each student individually.

    Charter School Teacher Requirements (Texas)

    According to the education commission of Texas, it is mandatory for teachers in home-rule district charter schools to be certified. For teachers on campus and open-enrollment charter schools, certification is not mandatory. However, educators in special education and languages need to be certified.

    Charter schools are always looking for teachers. As such, if you have the right qualifications, you’re in luck. Teachers looking to enjoy a smaller school community and the sense of camaraderie that it offers will feel right at home in charter schools. The school requirements give teachers a lot of motivation the opportunity to stay at the top of their game. In addition, charter schools operate on what is termed as “at will” employment. This term simply means schools are able to dismiss teachers without advance notice. However, this term also provides teachers looking for maximum flexibility to thrive, as teachers can resign without legal issues or penalties. Among the benefits of teaching at a charter school, this allows teachers who are still trying to find their feet the opportunity to do so.

    Charter School Curriculum

    Among the advantages of teaching at a charter school, flexibility in the school curriculum is important. It doesn’t matter who designs the curriculum, teachers, the administrators, or both, the main point is that classes become more engaging when the curriculum is not being designed by a district board. Additionally, teacher input is important, as the progress of students in charter schools is paid close attention. This allows educators to determine if the current curriculum is working and ultimately change it if the opposite is the case.

    A flexible school curriculum also means there is space for innovation to thrive. Students get to learn about problems in the real world and how to solve them. Charter schools usually cater to the students’ freedom of expression; as such, more technological based teaching methods are applied.

    Flexibility in teaching ensures all the needs of the student are being met, thereby making sure no child is left behind.

    Community Impact

    As charter schools are mostly developed by the parents, teachers, and generally people in a community, the benefits of teaching at a charter school with regards to community impact is highly significant.  Charter schools are funded privately (community) and by the government, which grants them freedom with regards to financial activities. This makes it easier for educators to implement other teaching methods, such as field trips and special activities. Educators are able to implement flexibility by providing different learning environments for their students. As the community is usually involved in one way or the other, educators are able to collaborate with the community to provide different learning opportunities for students in terms of programs. The impact of the community on teachers’ and students’ lives cannot be understated, as it fosters a sense of community while improving learning, especially in a real-life scenario.

    Student – Parent Relationships

    The benefits of teaching at a charter school, regarding the relationships parents have with their students, play an important role in the students’ development. Parents looking to get their children into charter schools are involved in their children’s lives, and this is helpful to educators. Educators are able to form a trifecta with students and their parents to allow opportunities for the progress of the students. Teachers are able to learn more about their students from their parents and implement this in flexible teaching curriculum and methods.

    The results of parents collaborating with teachers to provide adequate learning for students will always bring results.

     Little Bureaucracy

    The flexibility with charter schools does not end in the classroom. The structure of charter schools allows some flexibility with the educational district board. As such, charter schools do not have to follow certain rules, for instance with the curriculum. However, charter schools do have to be accountable to a board created by the charter to allow for regular updates on grading.

    Apart from flexibility in the district board, there are also administrative requirements in charter schools. This is one benefit of teaching at charter schools that educators should pay most attention to, as some schools offer looser requirements than others. In order for educators to make the right decision with regards to the kind of flexibility and autonomy they are after, it is necessary to check the requirements of the administration of the school.


    At Rhodes School for Performing Arts, we offer maximum rewards to teachers looking to make a difference. Our school is warm and welcoming to experienced and new educators alike. We provide a prime teaching environment for educators to excel at their jobs and provide enough space for educators to grow in experience.  We provide opportunities for teachers looking to be a continuing support in our students’ lives by providing a sense of community for learning.

    After reading the many benefits of teaching at a charter school, if you are interested in becoming a teacher at Rhodes School, click here.