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    Top 11 Musical Instruments For Children to Learn

    A lot of parents have dreams of their children becoming great performers. As such, the questions become when to start them on an instrument and what are the best musical instruments for your child to learn.

    Research has proven that the best ages for children to learn a musical instrument, for proper development, continuity, and sustainability in their later years, are from birth to age 9. This window of learning provides children the mental development and capacity to process and understand music.

    It is necessary to expose children to music at a young age because this will provide them with the foundation for intermediate or professional playing skills. However, in their formative years, the goal is to let them get used to the instruments as opposed to gaining professional skills.

    It’s important to keep these lessons as informal as possible during the early years to prevent your child from resenting the instrument later.

    Ways To Introduce Your Child To Informal Music Lessons

    Children are easier to teach than you know. From birth to age two, it is possible to get them interested in music as they pick up on what they are continually exposed to. Children can be likened to sponges. As such, doing these things might get them familiar with music and ultimately musical instruments:

    1. Singing to your children is one of the best ways to expose your kids to music. You don’t have to be Beyoncé to get your child cooing along with you. Find different ways to sing to them; you can sing them to sleep while rocking them to the rhythm, or you can sing to them while trying to feed them.
    2. Teaching them to whistle could also do the trick. Children find this amazing, and you can both try to whistle to some tunes on the radio.
    3. There are musical games you could play with your kids to teach them rhythm. Musical chairs and other dancing games are great for rhythm.
    4. Playing music in the background when doing chores could get your children interested in music.
    5. It is possible to get your kids really involved in music. It is necessary to equip the house with musical instruments. Instruments that are compact and can easily be moved around are the best choices; small sized keyboards, Cajon drums, or recorders are great places to start. There are cheap instruments that you don’t have to worry about getting damaged; instruments like the recorder can withstand a few hits from your kids. If you decide to get musical instruments for your kids, it’s best to get adequate storage space so they aren’t lying around.

    By the time they reach age 3, it is time to implement formal lessons to teach your child music. This is to ensure your child learns skills that will enable them to move on to different musical instruments later in life. Some of the best instruments for kids to learn are listed below.

    Top 11 Musical Instruments For Your Children to Learn

    1. The Piano

    The piano is one of the best musical instruments for children to learn because it is one of a few instruments that allows the expression of all elements of music on a complex level. This instrument is great for beginners because each key has a different note.

    1. The Guitar

    This musical instrument is great for kids because it allows them to learn music easily. Children will be able to play a lot of known songs with these musical instruments and ultimately branch out if they like. Children are able to learn music and, at the same time, build manual dexterity that helps them move on to other instruments. It is great to get children on the guitar at ages 8 to 10 or older.

    1. The Keyboard

    Keyboards are different from the piano because they are electronic. These musical instruments are great because they do not need to be maintained constantly and can be used in a wide range of situations. These musical instruments can be used to record music and play different pre-recorded sounds. Children are able to learn recorded music due to pre-loaded music instructions. It is no wonder this instrument is a hit with the kids.

    Keyboards are designed to be used at home, and unlike the piano, they can easily be moved from one point to another. Keyboards are great for children and other non-professional users looking to begin their musical journey. The benefits of learning the keyboard involve improved concentration, memory and focus skills, and motor skills.

    1. The Recorder

    If you are looking to get your child started on wind instruments, this is the best choice. They might be cheap, but this does not deter them from being a great instrument to be used by both beginners and professionals. The great thing about this instrument is that you don’t need a professional teacher to learn how to play this musical instrument.

    1. The Drums

    One of the best instruments for kids to learn is the drums because they are great stress relievers. They allow children to express frustration and disappointment by playing strong sounds. The complexity of the drums teaches children project management, how to partition large tasks into smaller ones. Drums also improve focus and concentration. The recommended age range for children who want to play drums is 10 to 12 years old. This is to allow their bodies to grow enough to reach all areas of the drum set.

    1. The Ukulele

    Children can start playing the ukulele at a very young age; this is because the musical instrument is small and can fit into your children’s tiny hands. Beginner ukuleles are appropriate for children and allow them to play a couple of chords and play some familiar songs in a short time. The ukulele is also very quiet; this is great if you have to listen to your child practice over and over.

    1. The Violin

    The violin is a great instrument for your child to learn, but it requires innate talent. Your child will have to develop an ear for tones and manual dexterity. However, once your child gets past the initial hurdle of learning the violin, they will be able to grasp the complexity surrounding this musical instrument. Violin is great for little children because of the size as opposed to other string instruments, like the cello or bass, which require certain body developments before they can be handled.

    1. The Didgeridoo

    The Didgeridoo is a wind instrument that can be played by people of all ages. This musical instrument is one of the best instruments for kids to learn, as it is one of the simplest to learn. It has no moving parts and is similar to the recorder because children have to use their facial features and voice muscles to play music. This allows children to develop the coordination of time, rhythm, and breath. The didgeridoo is very popular amongst children as they can imitate different sounds.

    1. Cajon Drums

    This instrument is a part of the family of percussion instruments, and it has been gaining ground in varying music genres.  Cajon drums can be played with hands, brushes, or sticks. These drums are great for children as they are sizable and can be moved around.

    1. The Cello

    The cello is best for older children, ages 10 and above because it does require the development of limbs as it is a large instrument. The cello helps children with their focus and concentration and ultimately confidence as they scale milestones and produce music. Unlike the recorder, the cello needs a professional teacher to help guide your child. This instrument is not so technical, but your child needs daily practice to get better. If your child has an ear for intonation and rhythm, the cello will be a great instrument to play. Getting your child started on the violin at a younger age, might prepare them for the cello when the time is right.  Learning the cello provides your child with many other skills distinct from musical skills. Your kids are able to learn more about teamwork and leadership.

    1. The Saxophone

    The saxophone is a woodwind instrument. This can be classed among the best musical instruments for children to learn because of its flexibility. The saxophone can easily fit into many genres.

    Where You Can Find Some Of The Best Instruments For Kids To Learn

    If you still have difficulties finding the right instrument for your child, we can help. Our students have a variety of instruments to choose from such as the violin, keyboard, percussion, guitar, and ukulele.  We provide students with adequate lessons and musical skills during their formative years to ensure they keep playing in their later years. At Rhodes School for the Performing Arts, we provide lessons for students from pre-K to 8th grade. Our lessons involve flexibility and are customized to your child’s needs to ensure they get the best out of our educational structure. Get your kids started today by enrolling with us.