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    9 ways to improve your child’s spelling

    As parents, your role in the overall development of your child is a primary responsibility. One key area where they need to develop is that of learning, and this entails aspects such as reading, writing and speaking. These skills allow them integrate properly into their immediate environment. At the foundation of these skills is spelling. Better spellers make better readers, and you need to set your child on the right track to proper learning. Below are some ways you can improve your child’s spelling:

    1. Engage them in spelling games

    There are various ways you can create a spelling game for your kids to participate in. You have to make it fun and engaging for them to participate. The tricks they pick up here will stick with them. You can make a set of cards that are in pairs and turn them all face down. Have them pick out or match the two cards that are the same. They are basically flipping over and picking out pairs.

    2. Flip Four game

    This is another form of a gaming exercise that will accelerate your child’s learning and spelling abilities. It is a more comprehensive game where they pick up a card, look at the word, pronounce it out loud, and proceed to spell it and then flip the card back down. In these four steps, they are learning how to read, spell, and write.

    3. Read to them and let them read

    Ensure you make reading a pleasurable activity. Read to them and introduce different popular stories to them. Engage the inquisitiveness, and before long, they will want to read more and more on their own. The more they read, the more they start to pick up spelling. There is no need to rush them into reading full-blown pieces of literature. They can still read the pretty little picture books with words spread all across the pages. Slow and steady.

    4. Have them practice

    Practice makes perfect. They have to continue to practice spelling and take it as a serious activity. The more they engage in intentional learning of words, the wider their spelling bag is. Spelling is a skill that one continues to learn, and with time, they will understand the principles.

    5. Spellchecker on word processors

    Encourage your kids to use a word processor on a computer and let them make full use of the spellchecker. While some may see it as an easy way out for kids, this is actually an excellent way to help them quickly see the words they have misspelled and adjust accordingly. This way, they can learn a lot more words faster. However you have to be around to guide them because sometimes they spell the word so badly that spellchecker won’t be able to correct it.

    6. Spelling songs

    Play as many spelling songs as you can around them. Look for catchy songs and TV shows/cartoons where they can excitedly sing along and call out the words to their favorite objects, characters, and places. This is a subconscious way of infusing the words in their brains. Soon enough, it becomes reflex for them to spell these words they have heard in the songs and cartoons.

    7. Word games

    Playing word games with them, such as scrabble, boggle and hangman, are excellent ways to improve your child’s spelling skills. They get to learn even the more difficult words a lot faster.

    8. Spell Spell Spell

    Randomly ask them to spell objects they come across during any activity you are engaged in. Start off easy and point out easy objects at random for them to spell then proceed to the more difficult ones. Encourage them and cheer them, so that it becomes a pleasurable activity rather than a lesson type activity.

    9. Reward them for their efforts

    Whenever they spell a word correctly, encourage them, and nudge them on when they are struggling with a word. No word is too easy to spell, and you have to understand that they might struggle with words that are very basic to older children. You have to be patient with them and give them time to grasp it all.

    Spelling is a crucial skill that some people haven’t taken as seriously as they should, and this has affected the way they write today as adults. This problem is amplified in this era of short forms and abbreviations on social media. Very few people actually know how to spell correctly these days. It is your duty as parents to place this habit into your kids and help them achieve the educational heights they are capable of reaching.

    At Rhodes School for the Performing Arts, we make this process even easier for you and your kids as we have integrated excellent spelling programs and activities into our day to day. We understand how important it is to improve your child’s spelling, so we do our best to instill this correct spelling culture into them when they are with us. Enroll them today and see for yourself.